How Do You Select the Right Size of Fishing Hook?


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Fishing hooks should be chosen based on the size of the fish. Once you know the size of your intended catch, you can move on to determining which type of hook is needed.

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All hooks have a few basic things in common. Each has an eye loop to attach it to the line and a sharp point to penetrate the fish's mouth. The barb ensures that the hook stays in place once the point is in.

Baitholder hooks are made with long, often barbed shafts to keep live bait on the hook and prevent it from wiggling off. Worm hooks, however, are designed for plastic worms; the space from the point of the hook to the shank is usually wider than a baitholder hook's shank. Worm hooks should be matched to the size of the intended catch and the size of the plastic worm.

Double and treble hooks are excellent for thick, soft baits (such as plastic frogs) and work well with a trailer-hook setup as well. Fisherman after catfish will often use these type of hooks for their improved hold on both the bait and the fish. In these hooks, the legs of the hook are forced together to form the eye and the multiple points are what give them their superior holding power.

Finishes vary from hook to hook--painted hooks are popular for simulating wounded baitfish and for being an eye-catching fish attractor.

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