What Is the Secret to Bowling a Perfect Strike?


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The secret to bowling a perfect strike is to use correct technique in how you hold the ball, control your backswing and release the ball. To continue to bowl strikes, find your proper starting position, and develop a solid and repeatable swing based on the fundamentals.

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The secret to bowling a perfect strike is that the ball should be held with the palm facing the ceiling. Support the ball with the upper pad of the hand and a stiff wrist. Do not grip the ball with your fingers. Sink the middle finger into one of the holes to the knuckle. Rotate the ball counter-clockwise until the thumb is at the back of the ball, at about six o’clock. Press the indicated arm’s elbow to the ribcage.

On the backswing, keep the arm close to the body. The elbow should graze the torso as the arm comes forward. Keep the wrist still and the forearm facing front as the bowling ball passes your foot and moves through the “power zone.” To correctly release the bowling ball for a perfect strike, flick the wrist in the style of an underhand football spiral or a Frisbee. Use the middle and index fingers to put the correct spin on the ball and tilt its axis. Finally, follow through at the end of the throw.

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