Who Are Some SEC Football Teams?


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There are a total of 14 teams in the SEC, as of 2015, with seven in the Eastern division and seven in the Western division. The Eastern division consists of Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Missouri and South Carolina. The Western division teams include Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, Mississippi State and Auburn.

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The SEC, which stands for Southeastern Conference, originally began play in 1933 with the following teams:

Alabama, Auburn (then the Alabama Polytechnic Institute), Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisiana State, Mississippi, Mississippi State (then Mississippi A&M), Sewanee, Tennessee, Tulane and Vanderbilt. Over the years, three of the original SEC schools would leave for various reasons, starting with Sewannee in 1940, and then followed by Georgia Tech in 1964 and Tulane in 1966.

The SEC continued with 10 teams until the early 1990s, when it expanded to 12 teams, adding Arkansas and South Carolina. In 1992, the SEC held its inaugural conference championship game, which was the first such conference championship game played at the NCAA Division 1 level. In 2011, the SEC expanded again, bringing in Texas A&M and Missouri from the Big 12. This gave the conference a total of 14 teams, with seven in each division.

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