How Do You Seal a Tubeless Tire?


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To seal a tubeless tire, first locate where the sealant should be applied, whether it be a slow leak hole or to the whole tire so it retains air longer. After finding the location, select the best sealant. Clean the application area of the tire well to remove all dust and particles. When cleaned, apply the patch or a thin layer of the liquid sealant to the, and tire then allow time for it to adhere.

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For tubeless tires, liquid sealant is an excellent choice, as many liquid sealants seal punctures while riding. Liquid sealants typically are thin and viscose for easy application and coverage. To allow the liquid sealant to properly disperse and evenly dry, turn the tire horizontally so it does not drip, run or dry out of place.

When sealing tires to ensure they retain air longer, periodically check the sealant level to recognize when the sealant needs to be re-applied. To double-check if the sealant needs re-application, periodically check the tire pressure of the tubeless tires. Some liquid sealants dry out quickly -- particularly latex-based sealants or tires that are used in arid or extreme conditions. Typically, sealants only need to be re-applied every six weeks.

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