What Does a Sea Tow Membership Include?

What Does a Sea Tow Membership Include?

A Sea Tow membership provides on-water assistance including boat towing, jump starts, fuel drops, disentanglement and ungrounding. It also includes anytime access to experienced captains for navigational assistance or other questions, free automated radio checks, and discounts on boating supplies, fuel and more.

Sea Tow memberships are available for recreational and commercial boaters as well as professional mariners. All memberships include universal towing coverage, which provides coverage up to $5,000 per incident as of 2015, even if the incident occurs in an area where Sea Tow does not operate.

Recreational boaters may choose between the comprehensive Gold Card membership or the Lake Card membership. Both plans cover all boats owned by the member and any boats he "charters, rents, leases or borrows." The Gold Card provides coverage nationwide, while the Lake Card is limited to inland waters. The Lake Card does not cover inland waters in Florida. If desired, recreational boaters can add additional coverage for a disabled trailer or disabled towing vehicle to the through the Trailer Care membership.

For those using their boat commercially at least some of the time, the Commercial Card membership offers the same benefits as the Gold Card. However, the benefits are limited to the specified boat.

For those using multiple boats commercially, Sea Tow offers the Professional Mariner membership. This membership provides the same services as the Commercial Card, but it makes them available on any vessel the member operates.