What Is a Scotch Doubles Tournament?


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A scotch doubles tournament refers to a method of doubles billiards play in which a pair of teams consisting of two players compete. Teammates rotate shots until one is missed and the opposing team takes over.

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Scotch doubles is a term that is most commonly, though not exclusively, used in billiards. It also applies to team games such as bowling and refers more to the method of play than to the sport itself. In Scotch doubles billiards play, the first teammate takes a shot and the second teammate follows it up. This rule applies even if the teammate has pocketed a ball. Only when a team member has missed sinking anything with the cue ball does the rotation change to the opposing team.

A tournament is a trial of skill that consists of series of contests until only one team is left standing. A doubles tournament places a number of two-player teams into tournament brackets that narrows competition until only one pair is left. Teams are placed into tournament brackets via a ranking system or randomly assigned. Each winning team progresses to the next stage until only two teams are left, resulting in an increase in skill level as the tournament progresses.

Careful and effective communication is crucial to billiards players using scotch doubles play. Since players follow up on their teammate's shot, good cue ball positioning is imperative.

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