How Do You Score a Deer Rack?


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Scoring a typical deer requires the hunter to measure out the deer antlers in a variety of ways. Non-typical deer that do not have symmetrical antlers require different measurements based on the antlers.

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To score a typical deer, count the number of points on one side of the antlers, and match those points up with the points on the other side. Measure the tip-to-tip spread and the greatest spread at the widest point of the antlers. From where the eye is, measure a straight line along the main beam to the top of the burr.

To score the tines, start from where they emerge off the main beam, and measure along the outside of their curvature, but always start with the brow tines or eye guards. To measure the circumference or mass of an antler, record the distance between the burr and the brow tine in four different spots. If the buck does not have a fourth tine, measure between the base of the third tine and the tip of the main beam.

To calculate the score, find the difference between corresponding points on both sides of the antlers; this is the deduction score. Next, add up all the measurements to find the gross score. Finally, subtract the deduction score from the gross, and the end result is the net score.

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