What Is a Schwinn Manta Ray?


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The Schwinn Mantaray is a vintage bicycle that was only manufactured between 1970 and 1972. The limited number of bikes produced during that time means that surviving models are very rare and have high value to collectors.

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What Is a Schwinn Manta Ray?
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Mantarays were designed to be a larger alternative to the Schwinn Fastback. The Mantaray's design looked similar to another Schwinn bicycle, the Fastback, but it came with larger 24-inch tires. This was done in an effort to appeal to larger children, but a lack of interest in the market led to Schwinn discontinuing production after just two years.

Schwinn Mantarays originally came in four different colors: orange, green, yellow and silver. As of 2014, silver Mantarays are the rarest of all the variants, but all colors are rare and difficult to find.

Removing parts, such as the disc brake, off of a vintage bike and putting them onto other bikes is common practice for collectors and enthusiasts. Unfortunately, many Mantarays have been parted out to help restore other more popular and valuable Schwinn models, such as the Krate. A consequence of this is that there are fewer and fewer complete Mantarays on the market, which drives up their price and makes them more valuable.

While Schwinn has made replacement parts for other popular vintage bicycles, they have never done so for the Mantaray.

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