What Schools Are in the NCAA Division II?

What Schools Are in the NCAA Division II?

The University of Arkansas Fort Smith, Saint Joseph's College, Tuskegee University, Queens College and California State University Monterey Bay are some schools in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II as of 2015. The NCAA Division II includes roughly 300 NCAA colleges and universities in approximately 44 states.

NCAA Division II membership encompasses international institutions as well, such as Simon Fraser University in Canada, and three institutions in Puerto Rico. Roughly 87 percent of Division II schools have an enrollment of less than 8,000. While some Division II schools are independent, most schools within Division II belong to one of 24 conferences, or a system of organization for athletics competition purposes.

Before the establishment of Division II in 1973, NCAA schools fell into categories of universities or colleges to distinguish large and small athletic programs. The three-division paradigm enabled NCAA members to classify their programs by a more diverse menu. Division II schools tend to be smaller or tend to maintain athletics budgets in proportion to the overall institutional budget.

Division II fall sports include field hockey, football, soccer, volleyball and national collegiate water polo. Division II is the sole NCAA Division that conducts national championships festivals and Olympic-style events. Each festival and event features several national championships on a single site over the course of a few days.

A schedule of events, Division II members and links to each member's website are available on NCAA.org under Division II.