What Schools Does the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team Usually Play?

As members of the Big Ten conference, the Michigan Wolverines basketball spends the majority of its regular season playing other members of the Big Ten conference. Michigan also competes in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, which pits the Wolverines against one ACC opponent every year before conference play begins.

The Wolverines play every other member of the Big Ten conference at least once during the regular season, and they play at least five of those teams twice during the regular season, once on their home court and once at the opponent's stadium. Big Ten schools include Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Michigan also takes part in the Big Ten tournament, a five-round single elimination tournament that results in an automatic NCAA Tournament bid. Each team is guaranteed one game in the tournament, so Wolverines could end up playing a team three times in one year.

The Wolverines also take part in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge every year, a regular season series in which members of the Big Ten conference play one game against a team from the ACC. The Wolverines played the North Carolina State Wolfpack in 2015, but former opponents include Duke, Syracuse, Virginia and Maryland (back before Maryland joined the Big Ten). The Wolverines have won seven games and lost eight games in their ACC-Big Ten Challenge history, as of 2015.