How Do You Find the Schedule for Sweet Sixteen Basketball?

How Do You Find the Schedule for Sweet Sixteen Basketball?

You can find the schedule for the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16 on You also can find it in most newspapers or on any major sports website, such as,, and

Other major websites that carry the schedule include, and

The Sweet 16 is typically played in late March. It is officially referred to as the regional semifinals, with the 16 teams playing for the right to reach the Elite Eight (or regional finals). The four regions are the West, Midwest, East and South.

The eight games in the Sweet 16 are played on the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament -- four each on Thursday and Friday. The winners advance to the regional finals Saturday and Sunday, with the victors moving into the Final Four the next weekend.

In 2015, the Sweet 16 consisted of these matchups, played March 26 and 27: Wisconsin vs. North Carolina and Xavier vs. Arizona in the West, Kentucky vs. West Virginia and Notre Dame vs. Wichita State in the Midwest, North Carolina State vs. Louisville and Oklahoma vs. Michigan State in the East, and Duke vs. Utah and UCLA vs. Gonzaga in the South.

The Final Four consisted of Duke vs. Michigan State and Wisconsin vs. Kentucky, with Duke beating Wisconsin in the championship game.