How Do You Sail?

You sail by letting the wind fill your sails and guiding the boat to glide through the water as the wind pushes it. You can learn how to sail by learning firsthand from an expert at sailing, enrolling in a course at a sailing school or using a small sailboat to learn on your own.

  1. Learn sailing terminology

    Someone new to sailing has to learn the words used in this activity, such as the names of the boat parts and their functions. This is important when communicating with other sailors, especially when safety is on the line.

  2. Prepare your equipment

    After learning all the parts of your boat and what each does, you must learn how they actually work. This includes putting into practice the safety prerequisites involved in sailing.

  3. Learn basic sail controls

    Learn how to turn both into and away from the wind, known as tacking and gybing respectively in sailing terminology. After learning the basics, you can learn how to dock and anchor the boat.

  4. Spend a lot of time on the water

    Practice is key to learning proper sailing techniques. Begin by choosing a location that is not so crowded. Start sailing on calm waters first, and familiarize yourself with your boat and how the wind affects it. Set sails relatively flat in light or strong winds, and set them full in moderate winds. It is better to start with a small sailboat rigged with only one sail. Before going out to sail, you should always check the wind, tide and weather conditions for the day.