What Are Some Safety Precautions for Riding a Three-Wheel Bike?


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Some safety precautions for riding a three-wheel bike, or ATV, include riding at safe speeds, not overloading the bike and wearing proper clothing, including a helmet, goggles, long pants and sleeves. American Family Insurance also recommends taking a hands-on safety course before riding an ATV.

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Many accidents involving three-wheeled bikes, more commonly known as ATVs, happen to children under the age of 16. Up to 90 percent of those accidents happen due to a child operating an adult ATV. For kids, the main precautions are to have an appropriately sized ATV and to take a safety course before using the vehicle. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 16 do not ride ATVs period.

ATVs are known to roll over at high speeds, due to instability and difficulty controlling them. The lack of seatbelts or rollbars means they can easily throw or crush a rider. ATVs have powerful engines capable of reaching speeds of around 50 mph. It is recommended that the vehicles should always be used off-road, as they are not made for highway driving, and that they are not used under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Wear protective gear, and do not take extra passengers beyond a particular ATV's capacity. Additionally, adult supervision is recommended for children using an ATV, regardless of other precautions.

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