What Are the Rules for Racquetball?


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Racquetball begins with one player, the server, standing in the service zone. The server must bounce the ball once, then hit it with his racquet towards the front wall, called the play wall, to begin the game. The ball must first hit the play wall, and then it must travel past the short line on the court before touching the floor.

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If the serve does not travel past the short line, or if it hits more than one wall before touching the floor, it is considered a fault. The server is allowed one fault, and on the second fault, the server becomes the receiving player, and the receiving player becomes the server.

Once the ball is in play, the receiving player must hit it with his racquet before it bounces on the floor twice. The ball must then hit the play wall before touching the floor again. The ball is allowed to hit the wall or ceiling any number of times as long as it hits the play wall before touching the ground. The players alternate hitting the ball until one player cannot return it, at which point the other player is the winner of that rally. If the winner was the server, he scores one point. If the winner was the receiving player, he becomes the server.

A standard match consists of two or three games. A player who wins two consecutive matches by earning 15 points per match wins the game. If the players tie, a third game is played, and the first player to earn 11 points in the third match wins.

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