What Are the Rules to Playing Kickball?


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In the game of kickball, most rules of play are similar to the rules of baseball, except that players use a rubber ball filled with air and hitters kick the ball that is pitched to roll along the ground. Fields hold the same shape, with four bases arranged in a diamond, but field size varies based on the age of the players.

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The fielding side must have between eight and 11 players, including the pitcher and catcher, on the field, while the kicking side has one player approach the home base to kick at a time. Depending on the age of the players and league regulations, a game of kickball has five or six innings. As in baseball, three strikes result in an out, and three outs result in the end of that team's half of the inning.

A kick occurs when the pitched ball makes contact with any part of the kicker's leg below the knee while the other foot remains planted in the strike zone. A strike is an attempted kick by the hitter that misses or a pitch that is not called a ball by the umpire and enters the strike zone. A ball is an illegal pitch, a pitch that lands outside of the strike zone, or an infringement by the pitching team on the strike zone before the hitter kicks the ball. Depending on the league, three or four balls allow the kicker to walk to first base.

An illegal pitch can be a pitch that bounces only and does not roll before it reaches the strike zone or a pitch that hits the ground less than twice before it reaches the strike zone.

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