What Are the Rules for Playing Cricket?


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In the game of cricket, two teams composed of 11 players each try to score runs when at bat or to dismiss the other players when out in the field. A typical game is composed of two innings, and can span anywhere from an afternoon to a several days.

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What Are the Rules for Playing Cricket?
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Players play cricket on a large field that is shaped like an oval. Various positions in cricket include the bowler, striker, non-striker, and wicket keeper. The bowler bowls the ball to the striker, who tries to hit it. After the bowler has hit the ball six times, a new bowler assumes the position.

The goal of the players at bat is to score runs. They can do this by running to the end of the pitch, both ways. Four runs are scored when the ball is hit past the boundary after hitting the ground, and six runs are scored when the ball makes it past the boundary before hitting the ground.

The players in the field try to get the other players out by taking "wickets," or limiting the number of runs they score. Two very unique aspects of a cricket game is that the batsmen are not required to run in order to score, and that time wasting is penalized, since it is known that some games can last for days.

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