What Are the Rules of Pee Wee Football?


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Pee Wee football, or football for young children, may have different rules depending on the league, including rules that govern the age, height and weight of players in different divisions and rules that cover factors such as health and safety or fair game play. For example, the Pop Warner football league limits its Pee Wee teams to children who are 9, 10 or 11 years old and weigh between 80 and 130 lbs., with special allowances for small 12-year-olds. Some leagues, such as Youth Football USA, even have rules that govern parental behavior.

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What Are the Rules of Pee Wee Football?
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The rules of the game may also vary by league. Pop Warner allows for tackle-based play for its Pee Wee teams, but some leagues may restrict player-to-player contact and ban tackling.

Some youth football rules focus on making the game fun and fair for everyone. For example, one youth football league in Georgia has a "mercy rule" that restricts teams from gaining more than a 33-point lead over opponents, as reported by Bleacher Report. Teams that break this rule, even inadvertently, may be subject to fines, though not all leagues may take such a strict approach to egalitarian play.

More practical rules often govern factors, such as safety equipment and uniforms. Leagues may require players to wear protective gear, such as mouth guards and helmets at all times and may also restrict the use of game day uniforms for practice.

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