What Rules Do Outdoor Shooting Ranges Typically Impose?


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Rules enforced at outdoor shooting ranges typically include wearing hearing and eye protection (whether or not the person is shooting), no horseplay, no alcoholic beverages or drugs, shooting only at club-approved targets and no smoking. Typically, there are age restrictions for operating firearms.

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Firearm and ammunition safety rules include knowing how the firearm operates, keeping the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, loading no more than 10 rounds into the chamber and never handing a loaded firearm to another person. Most ranges also advise to always follow the general safety rules for operating a firearm, such as treating the gun as if its always loaded, never pointing a gun at something the shooter doesn't want to destroy or kill, and to always be sure of the backstop.

Range Officers are certified individuals responsible for overseeing the use and safety of the range. They have the authority to immediately remove anyone they feel is not adhering to all safety rules and regulations. Shooters who notice any behavior that could be dangerous should immediately notify a Range Officer. Range Officers can also answer any questions or concerns shooters may have about the rules and regulations and overall operation of the range.

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