What Are the Rules of Kickball?


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Official rules for kickball vary by age group and league, but general rules are similar to those of baseball. These include the use of innings, pitching and catching, a three-strike system and running between bases. The largest single difference between kickball and baseball is kicking the ball instead of batting.

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What Are the Rules of Kickball?
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A player who successfully kicks the ball must run from home plate until he stops at either first base, second base or third base, depending on whether he is successfully ruled out by the other team. For a player to be out, the ball must touch him while it is in play, or the ball must be in possession of a baseman while he is touching the base before the runner arrives. Pitching occurs when the pitcher rolls the ball along the ground. If the ball bounces, the umpire may declare a "ball," meaning that the pitch does not count as a strike.The strike zone is 1 foot inside and outside of the plate, while all foul balls are strikes. If a player accumulates three strikes, he is out.

Other rules include staying between baselines when running, no contact with a fielder, no bunting, no stealing of bases and no hitting of a runner above the shoulder unless he is ducking. If a fielder hits a runner above the shoulder, it is not considered an out.

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