What Are the Rules for Hunting on Public Land in Wisconsin?


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Wisconsin allows hunting on public lands enrolled in the Managed Forest Law or Forest Crop Law programs. Any hunting that takes place on these lands must follow the hunting hours and regulations outlined at DNR.WI.gov. Wisconsin outlines different regulations for deer, bear, bird, turkey and wolf hunting, as of 2015.

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Bear hunting in Wisconsin requires a Class A bear license to shoot a bear and tag it. The state offers bear licenses for specific zones on the Wisconsin map. Hunters are only allowed to hunt bears in the zone listed on the Class A license. A Class B bear license allows individuals to assist hunters with Class A licenses in baiting, tagging and searching for bears. The state allows hunters with Class B licenses to shoot a bear if a Class A hunter shot the animal first and it poses a safety threat.

Wisconsin allows bird hunting during the early teal, goose and morning dove season, which begins on September 1. Hunting birds in Wisconsin requires a small game license and a Harvest Information Program certification. The only guns allowed to hunt teal, goose and morning dove are a plugged shotgun with three shells or a single or double barrel shotgun. Federal and state duck stamps are also required to hunt teal and goose.

A map of public lands open for hunting is available at DNRMaps.WI.gov. The map displays a purple triangle or red circle for all lands open to hunting due to MFL or FCL programs. A listing of complete hunting regulations for all animal types is available at DNR.WI.gov.

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