What Are the Rules for High School Volleyball Tournaments?


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High school volleyball tournament rules begin with the construction of a 30-foot wide and 60-foot long court with a two-inch line surrounding it that serves as the out-of-bounds marker. Six players are allowed on each side of the net during play. Teams are permitted to touch the ball three times when it is on their side of the net, and players cannot touch the ball twice in a row or throw it over the net.

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The game begins with a serve. Servers must step behind the line at the back of their side of the court to deliver their serve. If the server's foot crosses the line, the opposing team takes possession of the ball. A successful serve must travel over the net; serves that touch the top of the net before going over are permitted.

Players rotate positions, moving clockwise after every play. Three players in the front row are positioned on the 10-foot line. Back row players crossing the 10-foot line is prohibited.

High school volleyball tournaments are a series of five games played to 25 points. The team winning three out of five games is considered the tournament winner. Games are not considered complete until one team has scored two more points than the other.

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