What Are Some Rules for Elementary Kickball?


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Elementary kickball has rules similar to baseball that include a rubber ball, infielders and outfielders, base men, a kicker and a pitcher. To play, the pitcher rolls the rubber ball to the kicker, who tries to kick it as far as he can. If another player catches the ball in the air after a kick, another player hits a player with a ball, or a base man catches the ball before the runner reaches the base, the player is out.

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What Are Some Rules for Elementary Kickball?
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After three outs, players switch sides. Teams score a point when a player makes it around all four bases and back to home. Typically, the game is over when the school bell rings, the ball pops or a player loses the ball by kicking it onto a roof or beyond a fence. Players can also give a time or point limit to determine the length of a game. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

To keep games fair, choose a captain beforehand to make calls on disputed plays. Players often institute a three-run limit per inning to keep one team from getting too far behind. This keeps up the morale of the losing team.

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