What Are the Rules for 301 Darts?


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The game 301 darts is played by having each player start with 301 points, which are then subtracted based on where each dart lands on the dart board; the first player to reach zero points without going over wins the game. If a player scores less that zero points, then their score goes back to the score they had at the beginning of the round.

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What Are the Rules for 301 Darts?
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When playing 301 darts, each player throws three darts in succession from 96 inches away from the dart board. The player then tallies the score and removes her darts from the board. If a dart misses the scoring area of the board, it's worth zero points. After the player has retrieved her darts, the other players' turns begin.

The game can be played one on one or in teams. If it is being played by only two people, then a round is over after each player has thrown her darts. If 301 is being played in teams, then each team will take turns throwing its darts until there are no players left to throw, thus ending that round. Rounds will continue to be played until someone reaches zero points. If playing with two people, then the first person to zero points wins. If playing in teams, then after someone reaches zero points all scores are tallied, and the team with the lowest score is the winner. If there is a tie, the team with the player who reached zero points first is the winner.

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