How Do You Do a Roundhouse Kick?


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To perform a roundhouse kick, pivot on the ball of your left foot, bring your right leg up, swivel your right hip over your left, and hit your opponent's head with your right shin. This is one of the most powerful martial arts kicks.

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  1. Stagger your stance

    Place your left foot about 8 inches in front of your right, and bend your knees slightly.

  2. Pivot to the left

    Put your weight on the ball of your left foot, pivot to the left and open your right hip.

  3. Swing your right leg up

    Swing your right leg out and up. As your leg moves up, bring your right hand down and out. Move your hand quickly and forcefully.

  4. Rotate your right hip, and make contact

    Twist your hips, bring your right hip directly over your left hip, and hit the side of your opponent's head with your right shin. For maximum power, make the impact directly above your right ankle.

  5. Retract your right leg

    Reverse the kicking motion to bring your right foot down to the ground. Protect your head by raising your right arm as you lower your leg. Execute both movements as quickly as possible.

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