How Do You Rock Climb?

In order to rock climb you must pull yourself up from the bottom of a sheer rock face to the top using the muscles in your arms and legs. You must also know where to place your hands and feet while climbing.

When rock climbing, the legs should be used to do most of the work whenever possible. The body's center of gravity should be over the feet before pushing upward to climb with the legs. During the climb, the arms and hands are only used for balance and positioning. Climbers must have a great deal of arm and upper body strength in order to reach the top of the rock face. They must be able to find adequate footholds and handholds while moving from one point-to-point, often in precarious positions.

There are six different types of rock climbing that all require different techniques or equipment. The different types of rock climbing include traditional climbing, sport climbing, free solo climbing and indoor climbing. There is also ice climbing and bouldering and buildering. In traditional climbing, the climber wears a harness that is connected to wedges, nuts or other forms of protection by a rope in order to prevent them from falling. The form of protection that the climber uses is wedged into cracks in the rocks surface to provide a secure place to attach the safety rope.