Does Rob Dyrdek Own DC Shoes?

rob-dyrdek-own-dc-shoes Credit: Jordan Strauss / Stringer/WireImage/Getty Images

Contrary to popular opinion, Rob Dyrdek does not own DC Shoes. He has been sponsored professionally by DC Shoes for over 20 years and has helped design many unique styles with the company.

Ken Block and Damon Way founded DC Shoes in 1993. A short time later, the company began sponsoring Dyrdek and many other top skaters. In 2004, Quicksilver clothing bought DC Shoes for $87 million. After years of decline in sales and market presence, the company effectively rebranded itself in the year 2010. Following the brand relaunch, DC Shoes has seen an unprecedented resurgence as it began to focus on new lines, especially of skating shoes with contemporary designs.