How Do You Rig a New Fishing Rod?

How Do You Rig a New Fishing Rod?

Setting up a fishing gear is relatively simple and the methods are similar with freshwater and saltwater fishing. The main difference between the two is that saltwater fishing uses longer rods that will require some assembly. The task involves connecting the reel to the rod, loading up the line and attaching the necessary hardware on the line.

Have all the necessary gear ready before setting up the fishing gear. This task will require the rod, reel, fishing line, hooks, weights, swivel, slider and bait.

The following shows the basic method of setting up a fishing gear both for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

  1. Assemble the pole
  2. Sea water fishing poles measure around 8 to 10 feet depending on the fish to be caught. Assembly will be easy and it involves snapping the pole together. For freshwater fishing, proceed to the next step.

  3. Attach the reel
  4. Attach the reel to the pool. This is simple and intuitive.

  5. Run the line through the eyelets
  6. Run the line through the holes of the eyelets from the tip right down to the last one.

  7. Load up the reel
  8. Open the bail of the spool and secure the line to the reel with an arbor knot. Crack the reel to load it up with line.

  9. Attach the needed hardware
  10. Finish up the task by attaching the hook, baits and lure.