What Do Reviews Say About Lifetime Kayaks?


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Lifetime kayaks such as the Sport Fisher and Manta are generally very well-reviewed. FishingKayakReview.com, BestKayakGuide.com, CoolFishingKayaks.com and KayakCritic.net name these kayaks two of the best tandem kayaks on the market.

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Reviewers cite the Sport Fisher as being relatively roomy and very stable. FishingKayakReview.com claims that although this kayak is a tandem, it can seat up to three people and keep them high and dry above the water. BestKayakGuide.com concurs, noting that it is easily convertible to a single-person kayak. CoolFishingKayaks.com mentions that users can stand up in the kayak easily without worrying about tipping over. There is also a 6-inch dry storage compartment area.

Another Lifetime kayak is the Manta, which gets very high marks from KayakerGuide.com and CoolFishingKayaks.com. The Manta is a tandem kayak that can fit up to three people or adjust to fit only one. Like the Sport Fisher, reviewers consider it very stable and hard to tip over.

KayakCritic.net gives both the Manta and the Sport Fisher ratings of 4.4 stars out of five. The highest rating this site gives any plastic shell kayak is 4.4, and its written reviews for the Manta and Sport Fisher are both very positive, noting their roominess, stability and overall good designs.

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