What Do Reviews Say About the Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum?


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According to the American Rifleman, the Henry Golden Boy .22 magnum makes a solid first impression on those who see it because of its high-quality finish and amazing craftsmanship. It looks like a showpiece from the Old West instead of a modern gun.

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The American Rifleman review praises the Henry Golden Boy for its good balance and handling when informally firing at targets 25 yards away using the iron sights. The barrel's forward weight offers stability when firing the gun, but newcomers to using lever guns may be surprised by the malfunctions they encounter if they do not fully cycle the gun's lever when they chamber a fresh round.

According to Shooting Times, the Henry Golden Boy .22 magnum offers a good balance between the style and handling of a lever action gun partnered with the added power of rimfire cartridges and the benefits of having a modern manufacturer.

The Shooting Times also praised the gun for its accuracy, hitting targets up to 100 yards away when using a 4X Bushnell Banner .22 scope. One of the only complaints is that shooters with thick fingers may have to purchase a hammer extension from the aftermarket because of the clearance between the scope and hammer.

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