What Are Some Resources for Locating Used Reloading Equipment for Sale?


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Used reloading dies, tumblers, brass, presses, gauges and other reloading equipment is available on firearm auction and FFL dealer sites such as Gun Broker and Arms List. Additional resources include FFL licensed gun stores that offer buy back and resell programs, as well as area gun and gun dealer shows.

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Before purchasing used reloading equipment, the buyer needs to create a list of what they need, including the dies for the various calibers they are reloading. For example, different reloading dies and reloading press attachments are necessary for .380, 9mm and other firearm calibers.

Though buyers can purchase used reloading equipment from private sellers, using a certified FFL dealer may be an ideal option. This is due to FFL dealer licenses allowing the store or seller to sell not only the used reloading equipment, but also any additional equipment that can't be purchased used. For example, gunpowder and primers are not likely to be part of used listings or sells and need to be purchased new.

In addition to online auction sites and FFL licensed dealers, the buyer may also visit local gun shows that feature FFL licensed dealers from around the area. This allows the buyer to shop around for the best price and to find kits or bundled items that include everything they need to begin reloading.

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