What Are Some Requirements for a Youth Hunting License?


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The specific requirements for a minor to obtain a hunting license vary from state to state, with some counties imposing their own regulations as well. Typically, to obtain a hunting license, a minor must meet the minimum age requirement and complete a hunting education course.

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In Texas, the minimum age to obtain a hunting license is 17, and there is a hunting education requirement. No license is required to hunt coyotes, feral hogs and some fur-bearing animals under certain conditions, but completion of a hunting education course is still mandatory.

In North Carolina, a hunting education course is required. While a minor may take the courses at any age, she must be at least 16 years old to obtain a license. Many counties in North Carolina have also passed laws regulating hunting and firearms.

In Oregon, youth aged 11 to 17 can obtain a Juvenile Hunting License, but they must be at least 12 before they can actually hunt. However, there is an exemption for youth as young as 9 if they are participating in the Mentor Youth Hunter Program, administered by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. All hunters, regardless of age, must successfully complete a hunter education course.

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