What Is Required to Get a Hunting Licence?

The requirements to get a hunting license vary by state, but applicants are generally required to complete a hunter education course or show evidence that they have completed one in the past. These courses are usually free and available throughout the year.

For example, to obtain an annual California hunting license or a two-day nonresident hunting license in California, applicants must present a document to prove they meet California's hunter education requirements. This document can be an expired annual California hunting license or a two-day nonresident California hunting license issued no earlier than the 1999/2000 license year. Hunters can also present a California certificate of hunter education completion or its equivalent, which should have a unique number and series imprinted on it. If the certificate doesn't have this number, it must have a California hunter education validation stamp affixed. Certificates from other states, provinces and countries are acceptable only if the hunter course is approved in California. Applicants can also present a hunting license issued no longer than two years ago in any state, province and European country, as well as in South Africa.

Anyone hunting birds or mammals is required to have a valid hunting license. Hunters must have the license with them at all times while hunting, and they are required to present it upon request.