What Are Some Reputable Snowboard Companies?


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There are hundreds of different snowboard brands, among which Burton, K2, Forum and DC are some of the most respected. Some of the other brands that consistently rank near the top include LibTech, Gnu, Never Summer and Volcom.

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Burton is one of the oldest and most popular snowboard brands in the world and produces a wide range of boards, boots, goggles and other gear. The company is considered one of the leading innovators in snowboard technology.

K2 has been in existence for more than 50 years, although the company didn't produce snowboards until 1994. It was the fourth most successful snowboard company in 2013, earning more than $36 million in revenue. Still, that was far behind third place, Burton, which earned $100 million.

The top two companies in terms of snowboard-related revenue originally began as clothing manufacturers. In second place was Volcom with $332 million, while DC was the most successful with more than $498 million. While much of DC's earnings came from snowboard boots, their snowboards are quickly earning a good reputation as well.

The fifth most popular snowboard brand in 2013 was Forum. The company was founded in 1996 and is mostly known for snowboard clothing. Nonetheless, their snowboards are popular for their combination of durability and affordability.

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