How Do You Replace an Inner Tube in a Bike Tire?


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To replace the inner tube in a bike tire, release the grips holding the brake and gears. Remove nuts holding the wheel in place, and pull the wheel out. Swap out the tube, and put everything back into place.

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How Do You Replace an Inner Tube in a Bike Tire?
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  1. Release the tire

    Using screwdrivers and pliers, release the brakes and gears installed on the wheel. Loosen the gears and brakes completely to ensure safe and easy removal. Slacken nuts and bolts to facilitate tire removal.

  2. Remove the tube

    Place the bike upside down, resting it on its handle and seat. In this position, release the knurled nut that is on one side of the wheel. Gently lift the wheel out of its socket, without taking it out of its place completely. Use a lever to pull the tire about 4 inches away from the frame so that there is enough space to take out the inner tube.

  3. Swap out the tube, and attach the wheel

    Prepare the replacement tube before inserting it into the tire. Fill it slightly with air so that the rubber doesn't stick to itself and takes its proper shape. Pass the valve through the hole on the wheel, and screw it in place. Refit the tire, and check all the nuts that you either slackened or removed completely. Once everything is in place, inflate the tire completely.

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