How Do You Replace Camelbak Lids?


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To replace Camelbak lids that have failed due to manufacturing defects or normal wear and tear during their specified lifetime, submit a warranty claim to have the lid replaced for free. If the lid is lost or fails outside of its determined lifetime, a replacement can be ordered from the Camelbak website.

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Camelbak defines their Got Your Bak lifetime warranty as the lifetime of the product. It is determined by the quality of care given to the product, as well as the natural degradation of materials over time. Manufacturing defects include leaking seams or faulty construction of the product. Wear and tear is defined as damage done to the product due to years of proper use, particularly damage to moving parts and fabrics.

If the Camelbak lid is warranty eligible, use the link on Camelbak's website to submit a claim. The claim form requires the identification of the product, as well as the part that needs replaced. Camelbak also asks how long the product has been owned and the amount the product is used. Defective products must be shipped back to Camelbak in clean and dry condition to be evaluated, and if the warranty claim is approved, the part is replaced in 10 to 15 business days.

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