What Repair Parts Are Commonly Required for Crosman Air Rifles?

What Repair Parts Are Commonly Required for Crosman Air Rifles?

Seals, o-rings, valves, gaskets and valve stems are repair parts that are commonly required for Crosman air rifles. An ideal way to maintain and extend the life of a Crosman air rifle is to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

One of the primary problems experienced during repairs is excessive lubrication. Appropriate lubrication is necessary, while excessive lubrication results in leaking problems and clogging of the valve assembly.

Rapid air loss or lack of pressure is one of the common problems of Crosman air rifles. The buildup of dirt and oil in the valve parts is the main cause of this problem. This is overcome by disassembling, cleaning and replacing the pump and valve parts.

Crosman air rifles commonly face the problem of low power despite pumping up and maintaining pressure. Oversized pivot-pin holes in the lever link and pump tube are responsible for this. Replacing the lever link or the pump tube solves the problem.

Another common problem of Crosman air rifles is the failure of BBs or pellets to come out despite pressure in the valve. An obstructed bore caused by projectile jamming is responsible for this. Jammed projectiles are a result of insufficient initial pressure. This is solved by removing the obstruction and replacing the barrel assembly if necessary.