How Do You Repair a Hole in a North Face Tent?


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To repair a hole in a North Face tent, first clean the area around the hole. If the hole is only a pinhole, repair it with the seam sealer adhesive from a standard tent field repair kit; if the hole is larger, use a patch along with the seam sealer. When the seam sealer is dry, the patch can be removed.

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First clean off any dirt with a mild detergent. After the area dries, remove any oil with acetone or rubbing alcohol. Be sure to clean at least an inch out from the hole. For minor pinholes, spread seam sealer adhesive with an inch border around the hole, and let it dry for 12 hours. For large holes, cut a patch from the tent field repair kit that is an inch wider than the hole. After applying the patch, cover the opposite side of the hole with seam sealer adhesive with a border of an inch beyond the hole. Let the area dry for two or three days before removing the patch. If the hole is small and a tent field repair kit is not available, melted glue from a glue stick can substitute for seam sealer. If the hole is large, a piece of nylon can be sewn over it, and then the area can be treated with seam sealer. North Face tents have lifetime warranties. If the hole in the tent occurred because of manufacturer's defect and not normal wear and tear, return the tent to North Face to get a replacement free of charge.

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