How Do You Rent Boats in Michigan?

In order to rent boats in Michigan, use a local sports rental service that specializes in boating. Michigan's official information website has a list of providers.

Use this process to rent a boat in Michigan.

  1. Search for providers
  2. Go to the Michigan travel and tourism information site's sports rental listings. Check the boxes labeled boating and renting to filter sports rental providers. The results will show all the places to rent boats in Michigan. These can be sorted by name or city; if looking to rent in a particular location, select the option to sort by city in the drop-down menu. Results can also be viewed on an interactive map to find a local site.

  3. Click through to a desirable site
  4. Click through the Michigan tourism listings to a local provider. Follow the instructions on that provider's website to rent a boat. For example, click on All About Water to rent kayaks in Traverse City.

  5. Book online
  6. Follow the chosen provider's website instructions to book a boat online. For example, in the case of All About Water, search through the available rentals to find a suitable kayak. Check that the kayak is available at the desired time. Next, click on Book Now and select a date. This will open up a page to book online.