How Do You Remove Squirrel Skins?


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To skin a squirrel, use a small, sharp knife to make a small cut under the tail and above the anus. Bend the tail back toward the spine and carefully cut the hide away from the body in a wide V-shape. Then, step on the loose piece of hide and the tail, grasp the hind legs, and pull upward until the hide reaches the forelegs. Cut the forelegs and head away to release the hide.

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When cutting the V-shaped piece of hide away from the body, use caution to avoid cutting through the hide or tail. Do not step on the tail only as this can cause it to separate from the carcass. Pull the hind legs upward slowly, and use consistent pressure to avoid damaging the meat.

To free the hide on the forelegs, push the hide over the elbow area with your finger. Use a knife or pliers to remove the hide on the hind feet. If necessary, make an incision above both hind legs to aid in removing the hide. Wetting the squirrel prior to making the first incision is recommended as this prevents hair from sticking to the carcass. After detaching the hide, remove the squirrel's entrails.

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