How Do You Remove Bike Pedals?

remove-bike-pedals Credit: cat1788/CC-BY 2.0

Remove bike pedals by loosening them using a pedal spanner or an Allen key, depending on the pedal brands. The 15-millimeter pedal spanner is used to remove flat and Shimano pedals, while the Allen key loosens the pedals by inserting it behind them. Remove the pedals when replacing them or to pack the bike in a bag.

  1. Protect yourself

    Before conducting any removal, you must protect yourself from any injury by placing the chain on the big ring.

  2. Spray a penetrating fluid

    When the pedals haven’t been removed for a long time, use a penetrating fluid such as GT85 or WD-40 to expose all the threads until the pedals are free. Keep spraying a few threads at a time until all of them are free.

  3. Remove the pedals

    The left pedal spindle must be turned clockwise, as it is reverse-threaded ,while the right side petal is turned counterclockwise to loosen it. Face the right side of the bike, and turn the crank arm to the 3:00 position, and then place the spanner in line with it. Push down your foot on the spanner to move it anti-clockwise. When the pedal is loosened, continue to rotate the tool counterclockwise to free the pedal.