How Do You Find Remington Firearm Serial Numbers?

Locate the serial number of your Remington firearm on the receiver of your rifle or shotgun, on the left side of the barrel. Remington's made before 1968 may not have a serial number.

Use the serial number of a Remington firearm to determine its approximate date of manufacture by calling or emailing Remington's Help Center with the serial and model number. If your firearm is pre-1968 and doesn't have a serial number, locate the two or three-letter code stamped on the barrel. The first letter represents the month of manufacture, and the second and third letters represent the year. Use an online list at a Web page like to decode the numbers and learn the precise manufacturing date of your firearm.

To identify older model firearms that predate serial numbers, contact Remington with information regarding your firearms' characteristics. Remington needs to know if a firearm is a rifle or a shotgun and if you can determine the caliber or gauge. Additionally, they ask if the action type is rolling block, slide or pump action, auto-loading, bolt action or lever action. Include the patent dates and the exact markings on the firearm that identify it as a Remington in your help request.