What Are Reloading Tables Used For?


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Reloading tables, also commonly called reloading benches, are used for manually reloading spent casings for rifles, pistols or shotguns so they can be fired again. Frequent shooters sometimes do this to save money or because they enjoy it as a hobby.

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Reloading tables can come in a variety of styles and patterns, from a flat table to a more detailed workbench. Most popular models include shelves or drawers to keep supplies organized and accessible. They also allow the owner to attach ammo presses or other large tools necessary for reloading. Reloading benches also can add an additional measure of safety. Some of the materials used in reloading are explosive, and reloading benches can keep them safely tucked away from sparks or flammable materials.

People getting started with reloading can outfit an older workbench for the new purpose, or they can buy ready-made reloading benches. Reloading benches range from mass-produced modular styles that are easy to assemble and install to high-quality custom-made wooden designs. The range of choices allows people to customize their setups according to what they can afford and what kind of reloading they do. People who only reload ammunition for one type of gun may have simpler reloading benches and equipment, while people who reload rifles and pistols may need a larger bench and more tools.

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