How Do You Regrip Golf Clubs?

How Do You Regrip Golf Clubs?

To regrip a golf club, first remove the old grip. Next, apply build-up tape, add grip solvent, align the new grip and set it to dry.

  1. Remove the old grip

    Using a rubber vice clamp, secure the golf club near the tip of the grip. Next, remove the old grip using a straight blade. It is best to use a knife with a hook blade, as it may decrease the potential for damage. Clean off any residue with a cloth and grip solvent.

  2. Measure and apply grip tape

    Determine the amount of tape by holding the new grip parallel to the shaft. Apply build-up tape that is equal to the area of the new grip. Wrap it in a spiral formation from top to bottom. Finally, add extra tape to the end of the shaft.

  3. Lubricate the grip

    Close the butt end of the new grip with your finger and pour a large amount of grip solvent inside the top. Close the top off with your hand and shake.

  4. Lubricate the shaft and attach the grip

    Pour excess solvent over the grip tape, while collecting the remaining solvent in a paint tray for later use. Next, push the grip onto the club. Finally, properly align the grip to the club face and allow it dry for several hours.