How Do You Register for Youth Football?

How Do You Register for Youth Football?

To register for youth football, fill out an online registration form on a league's website, as of 2015. If the league doesn't have online registration, contact the league for registration information. The registration process, required information and fees vary depending on the league.

Required information when registering for youth football includes the player's name, date of birth, address and the name of a parent. A parent also must consent to the player joining the league. Leagues often base player's assigned teams on each player's location. Players that attempt to play for a team in another location are sometimes subject to punishments, such as suspension.

Every league has a registration deadline, after which it doesn't allow any more players to register. Leagues often provide a discount on league fees for those that register early enough. Payment of fees typically allows players to use the league's gear, such as shoulder pads, helmets and jerseys. In some leagues, players receive jerseys to keep.

Each league has age limits, and some have weight limits for each age group as well. Many leagues require players to maintain a certain grade point average to remain eligible to play.

Common features of youth football leagues include codes of conduct and mandatory play rules. Codes of conduct are the guidelines players must follow. Mandatory play rules ensure that every player on a team gets a chance to play.