How Do You Refinish a Gun Stock?


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To refinish a gun’s stock, remove the existing finish, scrub off any varnish, brush out any grease, remove stains, sand the stock, burnish and dust the stock, apply filler, and apply the new finish. Brush a light coating of protective coating on the checkering as a final step.

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Unload the gun if necessary, and then remove the stock’s barreled action. Move to a well-ventilated area, don rubber gloves and a face mask, and remove the existing finish by spraying the stock with finish remover.

After softening the existing finish with the finish remover, use a scrub pad to scrub away any residue. Use a toothbrush to scrub away any grime and grease, scrubbing in the same direction as the checkering grooves.

Use a hair dryer to heat treat any gun oil stains around the stock’s tang. The heat causes the oil to rise to the surface; wipe it away, and dry the stock. Cover the checkering with tape, and sand the stock lightly using a sanding block and full-length strokes. Use a fine mesh scrubbing pad to wipe away any residual dust, and wipe the stock down with a dry cloth.

Apply filler thickly to the stock, and allow the filler to dry. Scrub away any excess with a scrub pad, rubbing across the grain, not with the grain. Repeat as necessary to fill in any large pores in the stock. Apply the new finish, rubbing it in with your fingers. Apply three coats, allowing for the recommended drying time between coats and sanding the stock lightly between layers.

Remove the tape from the checkering, and apply a light protective coating to it to finish the job.

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