What Are Recreational Activities?

recreational-activities Credit: PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Recreational activities are actions that are performed solely for the enjoyment, pleasure and amusement of individuals. Recreational activities are fun, mentally or physically engaging activities that people usually plan to do during their time off from work or school. Some examples of recreational activities include bowling, swimming, kite flying, bird watching, surfing, dancing, playing cards and watching movies.

Recreation is a necessary part of life that refreshes and rejuvenates a person's body and mind. Recreational activities help a person relax and decrease the effects of work-related and interpersonal stressors. Physical recreational activities, such as playing basketball or volleyball with friends, help to keep a person's body in shape and serve to initiate close bonds with other like-minded individuals.

Recreational activities often boost a person's confidence due to the feelings of accomplishment and pride he experiences when excelling at a chosen sport or another type of leisure activity. These types of activities also allow an individual to sharpen communication, time management, motivational and disciplinary skills that he can then use to enhance his career or personal relationships.

Engaging in regular recreational activities can help a person discover new passions and even a new career path that is both financially and personally rewarding.