What Are Some Recommended Baits for Catfish in Small Lakes?

What Are Some Recommended Baits for Catfish in Small Lakes?

Recommended bait for a catfish such as a bullhead, which is found in small lakes and ponds, are worms, bits of chicken liver, meal soaked in blood or other fish. Bullheads eat nearly anything that is offered to them.

Bullheads are partial to earthworms and find them truly attractive when they are inflated with air delivered through a hypodermic needle. The air causes the worms to float toward the surface of the water allowing the catfish, which is a bottom feeder, to have a better view of them.

Some fishermen dye their worms in beet juice. This not only attracts the fish, but makes the worm tough. The toughness makes it harder for the fish to snatch the worm off the hook.

Hickory-smoked bacon is also alluring to bullheads, as are pieces of cheese and hot dogs. When using chicken liver, impale it on a three-pronged hook, first taking the hook off the swivel so the liver can be pushed through the eye. Chicken livers mixed with Wheaties in a blender, then rolled into little balls are also good for bait.

When preparing bait make sure your hands are perfectly clean. The bullhead's sense of smell is more acute than a dog's, and it rejects anything that smells of petroleum products.