What Are Some Recipes for Deer Attractant?


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Use a rag soaked in an apple and pond water puree to attract deer while hunting. Make sure no human scents penetrate any of the materials used to make the attractant.

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Take a jar of water from a natural source, such as a pond or puddle. Find a large plastic tub, and fill it with leaves and pine needles. Gather an old blender, 3 apples, a rag, a wooden spoon and a clothespin, and put them in the tub along with the jar of water and a pair of work gloves.

Put the lid on the tub, and let the tub sit overnight to replace the human scent on the objects with natural scents. Put on the gloves, and spread a layer of pine needles on the work surface. Set up the blender, and blend the apples with some of the water until they create a thick puree. Soak the rag in the puree for a few minutes, take it out with the wooden spoon, and put it in a zip-lock bag along with the clothespin.

During the hunting trip, pin the rag to a branch 5 to 10 yards from the hunting area to attract deer. Contact the relevant authorities to ensure it is legal to use lures in the hunting area. Deer are also attracted to the scents of deer urine, salt blocks and scent wicks.

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