What Reasons Did NFI Give for Using Ultipro?

NFI Industries, Inc., a collection of logistics companies, selected Ultimate Software's UltiPro human resources software for its all-encompassing approach to employment management, its ability to save company resources, and its analysis capabilities. NFI implemented UltiPro with the software-based service model Intersourcing, to further enhance efficiency.

NFI benefits from Ultipro's three units, featuring standard human resources, recruitment and talent management, by eliminating the need for hiring several different management and software services. Furthermore, UltiPro has such a range of features that it suits a variety of business models, allowing it to grow with NFI. UltiPro's maker, Ultimate Software provides such expertise because it focuses solely on human resources solutions.

Managers at NFI save time with UltiPro because it can automate several human resources tasks, such as hiring and training, and its online platform gives managers the choice to work from almost anywhere at any time. Record-keeping becomes paperless with UltiPro, resulting in a reduction of materials and the costs associated with them.

UltiPro helps managers create a number of reports, which the software then analyzes over time to provide the company with data on personnel trends or shifts in overtime hours. NFI then uses the data to evolve the company's strategy for employee management, giving NFI long-lasting control with UltiPro's software package.