What Are the Real Names of Some WWE Superstars?

real-names-wwe-superstars Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The real name of Big Show is Paul Wright, the real name of Booker T is Booker Huffman and the real name of Goldust is Dustin Patrick Runnels. Certain WWE superstars, such as Brock Lesnar and John Cena, use their real name as their ring name.

A list of many past and present WWE superstar real names is available on WrestlingMedia.org, as of March 2015. From the home page, a user can click on Real Names to view the list.

The WWE website also lists the current superstar roster on its website. From the home page, a user can click on Superstars to view the roster, beginning with the current champions and then proceeding in alphabetical order. Championships include the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, Divas Championship and the Tag Team Championship. Each superstar has his own page, which includes information such as his biography, career highlights, signature moves, height and weight.

Ring names are part of a superstar's character in the ring. A ring name may also be chosen by the superstar or his management if his real name isn't considered a suitable ring name. A ring name may change during a superstar's career. The WWE typically trademarks its superstars' ring names.